About Me

My name is Thomas Tang! I’m currently a junior right now majoring both in political science and economics and minoring in environmental studies. Hopefully, in the future, I want to be involved in protecting environment as an environmental policy analyst. Besides the generic small talk, I’m Chinese and I’m from California. I like sci-fi /historical shows and I like alternative/acoustic music. In addition, there might be some time where I might insert some Dad jokes (be aware).

Anyways, I always wanted to see the world and Cyprus for me fitted the bill. Cyprus being neither a traditional European or Asian destination was the main reason why I choose Cyprus. During my semester abroad in Cyprus, I will be staying at the University of Nicosia in Nicosia, Cyprus. I will try to document every diverse little thing during my time in Cyprus.

My blog will primarily focus on a whole host of things ranging from local foods, the culture, the politics, religion, and many more! As much as I consider myself to be culturally experience, there will be some new things that I will encounter, learn, and reflect. I hope you will join me in following my TANGible adventures in Cyprus!