My my

I think it’s kinda strange

How the people always change

Like the seasons change

Why? Why?

I know I can’t complain

’cause I think I feel the same

When the seasons change

The Seasons- Freedom Fry

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog! As most of you guys are stuck in your homes looking out into the quiet unknown, I will be talking about the weather.

To start off, Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate where they have long summers from mid-May to mid-October and have mild winter from December to February. In between, summer and winter, there are small gaps for both spring and fall. For some this might seem like vague gibberish about the weather with little to no context, but just think of this, California has the same weather climate as Cyprus. With this in mind, this was actually one of the reason why I choose Cyprus.

During the earlier months, I actually saw some snow in Cyprus and I knew some people that actually ski on some local Cypriot slopes. It was an odd experience to wear winter clothing, play with the snow, and to see off in the distance the radiant Mediterranean sun reflecting off the Mediterranean Sea. For most locals during this time, they either stay at home or go to a local coffee shop to discuss daily events. I was surprise to hear that most locals including our program director thought 50 ° F was cold for January.

Here is a picture of me at the Troodos Mountains

Besides winter, spring for me pretty mild with minor isolated showers. During the sunny days, me and couple of my friends went to Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa is a local beach that has some of the best views of Cyprus. I’m not talking about “ok” views, I’m talking spectacular views of pristine blue water and magnificent rock formation. While on the beach, the water wasn’t that terrible in both temperature and in color. Apart from going to the beach, most locals attend cultural gatherings including but not limited to Lent related gatherings and Easter related gatherings.

During the summer time, I heard that it gets really warm! Some individuals might go to the beach, while others might sun bathe. For most, during this time it’s recommend not to stand outside given that some people had experienced heat exhaustion and or something related. As a result, the Cypriot government made a decision long ago to move their Independence day from August 16th to a more pleasant October 1st.

During my time, a normal spring day was around 20° C, while during the beginning of the year, it was around 0-5° C. For Americans, it roughly converts to 68° F and 32-41° F, respectively.

If you’re considering going to Cyprus during the spring time, make sure to bring at least one or two heavy jackets because it will be “colder” then compare to later on in the year. Yet, make sure to bring a lot normal everyday clothing because most of the times it is just t-shirt weather. In addition, plan to wear mostly jeans then compare to shorts. The reason stems primarily on the fact that most Cypriots do not wear shorts. It’s only when they are going to the beach that you will see people wear shorts.

Until next time! Come back to my TANGible adventures!

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