Money, get away

Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K.

Money, it’s a gas

Money- Pink Floyd

Hello All! Welcome back! As most of us take some time to reflect, either because of religious celebrations or being with family/ others, I will be talking about budgeting and other financial logistics with studying abroad.

If you’re planning to go abroad either if it’s two weeks or a whole semester/longer, money is a big expense to consider. While abroad, its tempting to spend more given you’re in a new diverse place, but prolonged spending can be bad. Anyways, I will be giving you some pointers that I learned in Cyprus with regards to budgeting.

To start off, when compared to SU and for most American colleges, Cyprus has a lower standard of living. This can be seen with cheaper accommodations, tuition, and in some cases some food products. With this in mind, this is one positive aspect with going abroad to Cyprus; it’s cheaper then America

If you don’t know, Cyprus uses the Euro. Here was a group effort to cover the bill via MANY Euro coins.

Before coming to Cyprus, I already devised a budget on how much to spend throughout the whole semester (per month and per day.) On average, I set a budget of roughly $21 per day. However, after a month and a half, I was well below the budget I set for myself.

One way that I achieve this was by buying in bulk, limiting my expenses to buying common staples, and making my own meals. For example, at the beginning of every week I would go to the store and get some needed supplies. One thing that I always get was this Cypriot bread. This bread was very affordable and fairly fresh. I used this everyday ranging from making sandwiches, toast, or something entirely random (pizza). Also, some other common foods that I got were milk, eggs, rice, pasta, and others. On most week nights, you would likely see me in my apartment then compare somewhere else.

Another way I cut my expenses was by not going out as much. The one big mistake that I have seen with most students abroad is that they go out way more than compared to the States. It could be a whole set of factors ranging from independence, to the honeymoon status of being abroad, to alcohol. If you plan to go out extensively, try pacing yourself. Most places will still be there; they are not going to disappear. However, once in a blue moon, if I have saved enough, I would go out with some of my friends either to fancy new restaurant I never been too or to some club.

This was taken during Green Monday. Carter and I are having a Beyond Meat Burger at this vegan place called Evergreen. It actually taste like real meal! Before, I forget, happy Earth Day and please keep the environment clean! Thanks for the picture Carter!

Similarly, in a bid to lower my cost, I limited my travels outside of my host country. Before everything closed, I had pre planed one international trip and was in the process of planning another international trip with some SU friends and some friends that I have met over here. In comparison, I knew of others who were traveling every weekend to some place in Europe/Africa/Middle East. There are many pros and cons with international traveling in Europe, but before I delve into it, I will be talking about it next week.

Speaking of friends, one way that I saved money was by sharing with others. For most of the time, it was primarily shared meals, but it can also included transportation and other miscellaneous options. Usually, with shared meals, we would have agreed beforehand who would make said meal that night and rotated every week or so. Although, my time was short, there was some times of shared meals/parties ranging from a pizza night to a fried rice night to an Indian night. You never know who you might meet! It doesn’t hurt to meet with new people!

This was our Indian night. Left to right: Caroline, Mariana, your favorite blogger, Jay (my roommate), and Marianna. Not included in this picture Sal. Thanks for the picture Sal!

Anyways, until next time, please come back to my TANGible adventures!

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