Ya like jazz?

Hello again! Based on this title, you may or may not know the reference. Anyways, this week, I will be talking about social events in or around campus. For an average college student like myself, you maybe asking what can I do in Nicosia. Depending on your personality and mindset, it depends. If you are an active person, then there is actually a lot of things to do in Nicosia. However, if you’re not, then there is still a possibly for you to be that person!

Based on my time here, most of the events that I went were out of the blue and not plan. Each week comes with uncertainty, but at the same time excitement. For example, this past week for me was pack with many events. These events will be shown below.

First off, let me describe my program. My program, also known as Global Semester (GLS), is composed of roughly 70 or so American students who are studying abroad in Cyprus. In addition, there is another program, called Erasmus, which is basically the same thing as GLS , but they are mostly European students. With these two programs, I have made many connections and attended many events. One of these was a sponsored social night between Erasmus and GLS students. This social night was basically mixer for students to know each other. Another were Erasmus karaoke nights and Erasmus Wednesday. For karaoke nights, I don’t personally sing, but I find it amusing to see people singing on the top on their lungs and or being mildly tipsy. For Wednesday, it’s mostly for those who are interested in going to a dance club.

Besides the two programs, they’re some additional things that I do to keep myself active.

Whenever, I have a gap in my schedule, which is usually Tuesday and Thursday, I usually go by bus to see the old town. In old town, there are many clothing shops, restaurants, nic nak shops, and many more. The one thing that I like about old town is that it still retains the old town atmosphere (antiquated buildings, cobblestone streets, and walls), while at the same time being the main commerce hub of Nicosia/ Cyprus.

Some archways that I saw in Nicosia

Some other things that I do with my close friends will be describe down below

One event that I’m particularly fond of and I really enjoy is jazz night. Jazz night usually happens every Wednesday at this little neat jazz club. At this jazz club, mostly college students and other emerging instrumentalist play sessions of live smooth jazz. There have been times where I have been completely loss in the music. Also, before I forget, one my friends from here, named Carter, plays the cello. I wished I can be talented! Here are some pictures from Jazz night!

Sax player
The layout of the jazz club

Another event that I went to was a futbol game. No, not American football, but a regular futbol game. The one where you kick a ball with your foot. Also, known as soccer for Americans. Anyhow, I went with my roommate, Jay, and his friends. I didn’t how futbol works, but I definitely asked alot of questions during the match. The match was between Chelsea vs. Manchester United. During the game, I watched with amazement with the actual game and the committed fans in the bar either yelling or booing. In the States, I have never seen anything like this when it came to futbol. In the end, there was a lot of disappointing fans, including my Chelsea roommate.

Watching a futbol game at a bar

Last thing that I attended were a series of school talk around the issues of LGBTQI rights in Cyprus and the whole refugee situation. I found these two talks very enlightening and informative. The question section that accompanied it was also interesting to hear different views.

One of the seminar that I went

Anyhow, this is the end of this blog post. Come back next week!

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