A Real Good Time

When I’m all alone but I’m in my prime

Don’t want the throne when I’m doing just fine

Just as long as I’m having a real good time

Good Time Girl- Sofi Tukker

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog! This week, I will be talking about Carnival and the associating holidays that comes with it. These past couple of weeks have been riddle with holidays and traditions. Today, I will be giving you a rundown of them.

To start off, Carnival is a holiday that is celebrated everywhere ranging from Latin America to New Orleans to Europe to others. Carnival and other accompanying holidays do not have a set date every year, but jumps around according to the lunar calendar. However, what is constant, is that Carnival always occurs on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.

In Cyprus, they’re many Carnival events throughout the island. Yet, there is one Carnival parade in Cyprus that basically everyone, including myself, goes to. The Limassol Carnival is the most popular Carnival event in Cyprus. This specific Carnival festival has been celebrated consistently for centuries. This festival is a 10 day colorful event with people feasting, dressing up, dancing, and having a good time. On the final day, it has more than 150 floats and up to 50,000 people attend. These floats and the people that accompany with them have specific themes. Based on my time in Limassol, these themes can ranged from anime series, to the renaissance, to Latin dancers, and to political satire. In addition, there is so much confetti and loud music! Long story short, you never know what to expect at a Carnival event. Down below are some pictures from the Limassol Carnival.

In addition, this specific Carnival festival is one of only a few festivals where both adults and children play an active part in festivities.

Besides Carnival, there are other accompanying holidays that come before or after Carnival. Before Carnival, there are three weeks of celebration. The first one is Prophoni (proannouncement week), then there is Kreatini (meatfare week), and then there is Tyrofagou (Chessefare week).

During Kreatini week, Tsiknopempti (Tsik-no-pem-ptee), also known as “Stinky Thursday” or “Fat Thursday”, occurs where participants stuff as much meat as possible before the fasting period of Lent. The typical meat that is eaten is predominately soulvaki. On this specific day, restaurants are overcrowded and you might occasionally see a barbecue grill in the middle of street with someone offering you an zivania drink. Apparently, there are so many people barbecuing on Tsiknopempti that if you were to see Cyprus from space, all you will see a very smokey Cyprus. Down below are some pictures from UNIC’s Tsiknopempti event.

Me and some other GLS (Global Semester) students at Tsiknopempti

Beyond eating, the reason for it to be held on Thursday, stems from Greek Orthodox placing an emphasize on fasting on Wednesday and Friday. Tskinopempti is held 11 days before Green Monday.

You maybe asking yourself, what is Green Monday?

That is a great question to ask! Green Monday, also known as Pure Monday; Ash Monday; or Monday of Lent, is a public Cypriot holiday to celebrate with outdoors excursions and eating shellfish/ other fasting foods (vegetables, fruits, and lagana bread). The consumption of meats, eggs, and other dairy products are strictly forbidden. It is celebrated after Carnival. Unofficially, Green Monday is supposed to symbolize the beginning of the spring season.

Lagana Bread

Until next time! Come back for more tangible adventures!

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