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Streets and Stories- Part-time friends

Hello again! For some, in my grouping of study abroad students, this past week has been a hard one. The reason stems not from mid-terms coming up or anything internal, but something external. As many of you guys know, COVID-19 is spreading around the world and causing confusion. As a result, some American universities are taking preventive measures by pulling away their student from international universities. With this sudden departure of people that I know, I think it will be best to talk about them and the other people that I have met so far during my time here in Cyprus.

To start off, my roommates are named Jay and Travis. Jay is not your typical American student because he isn’t American. He is an Indian student who is studying with an American visa at Chatham University. With this unique circumstances, I have ask him many things related to his culture, the politics of his country and other surrounding countries, and immigration. In addition, he is VERY passionate about football (soccer) and he use to play it before coming to the States. In addition, he is a very down to earth person when talking about anything serious. Travis is a quiet and reserve person who is a criminal law major and he is from North Carolina A&T State University. Besides academics, he is VERY passionate about basketball, especially for his team the Lakers.

Some other friends that I have meet, were primarily through the Global Semester program (GLS). One friend that I usually hangout with is Carter. Carter is from the University of Arkansas and he is majoring both computer science and music. What a weird combination? Anyways, he is a very inquisitive person who always ask questions and it open to anything. Also, as mentioned some previous entry, he is an amazing guitar/ cello player. Another friend that I often meet and hangout with is Gabby. Gabby is also from the University of Arkansas and she is a sociable person.

A portion of the Global Semester Program
Carter and I at Paphos Gate
From Left to Right: Gabby, Ariana, and yours truly

There are other people that I usually hangout with on my “Thursday Adventures”. We unofficially chose this name and each other because we didn’t have any classes on Thursday. In this hangout group, we usually go somewhere random in Cyprus. In this group, there is Mariana, Mason, and Selma. Mariana is a very caring and thoughtful person from Clemson University. She likes to cook elaborate meals and has a radiant smile! Mason is very carefree person from Alaska, but he is from Boise State. Yes, Idaho. He loves walking A LOT and loves being one with nature. There is a part of me that really wants to be like him and explore the world. Selma is very kind and sweet person from Illinois State. Most people in this program are usually around the same age, but Selma is a notable exception. She is 18 years old and she is from Illinois State. She is a very positive person who is not afraid to do anything. Also, she really likes dessert, especially lava cakes.

From Left to Right: Mariana, Graham, Mason, Ariana, and again yours truly

Besides, the friends that I have met over here, I have also my SU friends too. These friends are Jack, Ariana, and Caroline. I didn’t know these guys beforehand, but after spending time with them, I have gain better understanding of them. Jack and Ariana are really close friends who do some really funny things. Caroline is a very social person who somehow finds a way to carry a conversation with someone.

A previous image of Jack and I

With all of these friends, I occasionally hangout with all of them in the form of playing board games, talking about random topics, and or cooking.

Apart from the people that I know in my program, I have made some connections with both international and local students. On the international side, with the help of my roommate, I have met some friends from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Hong Kong. My Congolese friend, Steven, is a pre-med major and he creates his own rap music. My Hong Kong friend, Thomas, is computer science major and he loves to play video. On some occasions, we watch some football game, cook for one another, and party sometimes.

Steven and my roommate Jay

On the local side, I have made two friends. Andrew, my Cypriot friend, is currently a student at UNIC studying international studies. Before and after classes, we will have talks about current political topics. As a political novice in Cypriot affairs, I ask him a lot of questions with regards to the current Cypriot situation. Likewise, he was asking some question about America and all of typical stereotypes that come with them. After some talks, I can confidently say that I know some politics of Cyprus. In addition, I learned some Cypriot culture from him. For example, I learn that he had to go into the army because in Cyprus there is a mandatory draft. My other friend, Melody, is also a student at UNIC studying international studies. She is not Cypriot, but instead she is Bulgarian. Based on my conversation that I have with her, she has a colorful life with many complicated relationships.

Anyways, come back next week for my TANGible adventures!